Like A Tree

The Son of God planted like a seed
Among a forest full of trees. 
The forest itself dark and decaying, 
It’s soil long since changed, 
Their roots draw in
All that is depraved, 
This forest of trees 
has succumbed to its desires, 
Its basest instincts. 
This once proud forest
Of tall, beautiful trees
Now filled with deep rot. 
Each once proud trunk 
brought to its knees, 
By the filth being drawn
in through its roots. 
The soil that once supplied this forest
With everything it could need, 
Now is the thing that kills this forest, 
Bringing once proud trees 
to their knees. 
And one day a seed is planted. 
Planted, to be nurtured
In the soil 
where other trees are tortured. 
This soil, burdened and poisonous, 
Is suddenly… 
Where this seed is planted, 
Where its roots stretch forward, 
Something new takes form. 
In a forest of trees 
brought to their knees, 
This seed starts to grow
Into a tree of its own,
But it’s something much more
Than the evergreen trees
That have lost their green, 
These evergreen trees 
No longer hold to their name, 
These evergreen trees
As they’re brought to their knees, 
Their once green glow
Fades to black and grey, 
These trees are in a fall
But without the changing of leaves, 
This fall brings forth no beauty, 
This is a fall which will never change, 
This is a fall in which none will leave… 
But… That seed. 
That seed has been growing, 
Biding its time. 
As its roots slowly spread, 
Cleansing the soil, 
Drawing the poison 
away from the dead. 
This once small seed
Grows and grows,
It’s roots stretch more and more, 
This once small seed
Now a redwood tree, 
Standing like a king,
Cleansing the forest of its impurity. 
What once was dead, 
Lives again. 
This forest once grey and dead
Has found life once again! 
All of its sickness, 
Its sin,
Its poison, 
Drawn away by this proud King,
This beautiful redwood tree. 
But then… Something changes. 
There’s a price to pay, 
For drawing this poison away.
The redwood fades, 
Withered and grey, 
This beautiful tree,
The proud king,
Standing above everything,
Falls to its knees. 
Brought down willingly
By a sacrifice
That only a king could make. 
But this fall is not its end. 
As it falls, 
Its seeds spread
As these saplings grow, 
Still the king lives. 
Where once stood one tree
Now stand many. 
This forest forever changed, 
No longer will they live on their knees, 
For it is from this king
That the forest draws its strength!
It is through the sacrifice of this King, 
The cutting down of this redwood tree, 
That this forest can grow. 
Grow into something more beautiful, 
Then anything it had ever seen. 
So, A good friend of mine, Kohlie Browning, released an episode of her Podcast “Still With You” today, and on the episode she interviews me about my poetry, and I mention this poem.  The inspiration for this poem came from the song “Seasons” by Hillsong Worship.  The idea behind the song is that even in the dead of winter, there is still the hope of Spring, still the knowledge that the seasons will change; That God is still working.  This song gave me the idea for this poem, the image of a forest that had been poisoned by what is in its soil, until one day a Redwood, a King among the other trees, is planted.  This redwood draws in the poison, gives of itself, so that the rest of the forest may live.  The New Testament constantly speaks of Christ’s sacrifice, and how he gave up his place in Heaven to be planted in a broken, hurting world, that through his work and sacrifice it may be healed.  I can never do the story justice, the story of Christ is one that’s far more beautiful than I can ever understand or explain, but this poem was my attempt to do so, and do so well.

Also, thank you to Kohlie for allowing me to be a guest on her podcast! If you haven’t had a chance to listen, which I recommend you listen to every episode she’s put out, you can find it on Apple podcasts, Spotify, and iHeartRadio.

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