Parable of the Talents

aYou Wicked, Unfaithful servant. 
How dare you squander
The gift you were given! 
The talents you have
Are a gift of heaven, 
Who gave you authority 
To hide Heaven from them? 
These talents are not a treasure to be hidden, 
But a gift to be given
to those other than you, 
You Wicked, Unfaithful servant
Who gave you authority 
To deny others heaven? 
Who gave you the right to decide, 
Who hears God’s message? 
Who gave you the position 
To make the judgement 
That your gift is a secret to be hidden? 
You Wicked servant, 
You prove true the secrets of the snake, 
When he states
 that you will be like God, 
For you hold Salvation
In your heart and your hand, 
Yet you stay silent in your fear. 
You Unfaithful servant, 
What reason have you to fear? 
Oh you who claim
To have drawn near to a God
Who in three days
Conquered death and grave, 
Oh Unfaithful, misguided servant, 
Why do you focus on the storm, 
Instead of the Son of God
Who has caused your feet, 
To glide over the waters
 so chaotic and deep,
Do you so quickly forget the face, 
Of amazing grace standing
At arms reach from you? 
Oh beloved, confused servant… 
Where is your courage? 
I did not give you a spirit of fear, 
But of triumph and grace
In the midst of your pain, 
Why, oh why, do you deny this gift, 
To those who have yet to know? 
You have heard and known, 
Tasted and seen of gifts such as these, 
Who are you to deny what you’ve seen, 
To those who don’t know? 
Oh misguided servant, 
Beloved son and daughter, 
Hold on to your fear no longer! 
Your yoke has been broken, 
My burden is light, 
Now hear my command
My redeemed servant, 
Go unto all the earth, 
And show them what you know to be right. 
Do not fear, 
Do not hold, 
For this gift that I give, 
It is not silver or gold, 
No, my son and daughter, 
This gift freely given, 
This gift of salvation,
Proven by fire
More valuable 
then simple silver and Gold, 
No, my child… 
This is not your treasure to hoard. 
Every now and then I write a poem that hits me really, really hard.  This is definitely one of those poems.  When I first did a spoken word poem for the Downtown Campus, it had been over a year, maybe two years, since I had “performed”(for lack of a better term) one of my poems.  As I stepped off the stage, I heard the words that the King said to the servant who had hidden his talents, “You wicked, unfaithful servant.”  At first this felt harsh, and it hit hard, but as I thought about it, I realized… Those words rang true.  Just as the servant did, I had hidden what I was given out of fear.  I had taken a talent which was meant to be invested and ultimately returned to the King who gave it to me,and treated it as if it was my treasure to hoard and hide away.  This couldn’t be further from the truth.  Our talents are a gift, meant to be invested in, given time and effort, and when we stand in front of our King, we can stand boldly and say, “Look how I used your gifts.  You gave me this much, now I can give you back your due and even more.”

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